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The Agora

The Agora is a hub for alternative options for our local community. We have many ministries and opportunities for those interested in these things. The Agora is a church but it is very different and much more than the modern standard church. We are open to all, Christians of all denominations and those outside the faith as well. Our focus is on building local networks for things such as mutual assistance, healthy food and products, homeschooling, Bible studies, permaculture, organic gardening, and learning more about these and related topics.

The Agora Ministries

small house church in Hixson with Bible studies, a men’s group, and various ministries

The Agora Food Club

natural & local food and products – like a co-op mixed with a farmers market mixed with an old school corner store

Chattanooga Voluntary Society

a local community of like minded individuals and families in the greater Chattanooga area centered around the concepts of agorism and voluntaryism

Agora Fest

Concluded May 13th, 2023- all about natural living and alternative options with an indoor conference and outdoor booths, market, and activities